GAIA EverWorld


A portion of the total supply of $GAIA will be used for staking payouts. Users will be able to choose their staking duration between 1 and 48 months total. Staking rewards will initially be high to incentivise the growth of the Gaia EverWorld ecosystem. The staking rewards will decrease over time as the ecosystem becomes a major player in the NFT gaming industry.
Staking rewards that are claimed will be locked for 6 months.
The longer $GAIA holders stake their token, the higher the reward they’ll receive. Removing a stake before the agreed time period expires will result in a penalty reflecting the length of time they were staked.
Why Include Staking Rewards?
Staking will be used as a tool to incentivize holders to add value to the Gaia EverWorld ecosystem. Holders of $GAIA can earn more $GAIA by simply staking their coins or by participating in governance votes or competing in the game.
Many $GAIA holders may not be interested in governance of the game and may just want to play. In this case, stakers can allocate their vote to other holders who wish to participate in governance. To avoid a concentration of power within the ecosystem, the number of votes each holder can cast will be limited. The aim is decentralization.