GAIA EverWorld

Gaia Elite Club

The Gaia Elite Club collection features 10,000 original GAIA NFTs which are used to play in some of the Gaia EverWorld games. They can also be exhibited in the MINTR museum. The MINTR Museum will exist inside the Gaia Everworld Metaverse.
Gaia are mythical war creatures that live in Gaia EverWorld. Each Gaia is unique and programmatically generated to feature numerous traits. Your Gaia has its own facial expressions, headwear, clothing and much more. Gaia are terrifyingly cute!
When you buy a Gaia Elite Club NFT you will gain access to different regions within the Legion mode, the merch store, future in-game item airdrops, access to the whitelist for Land Sales and a whole lot more. You can also display your Gaia NFT in the MINTR museum, and gain a passive income from its exhibition. The Gaia Elite Club is full of friendly people you can connect with while you have a beer, chat, and relax.
Last modified 1yr ago