GAIA EverWorld

Battle Mode

Battle Mode PVP

To prove who the best Gaia Commander is, players can compete in Battle Mode. Battles are fought as a 3D turn based battle game. Players are ranked by experience level, when selecting Battle Mode, players will be queued in a waiting area until they are matched with someone of a similar level. Players will be able to wager on the outcome of the battles with $GAIA or $GG. Gaia Gold ($GG) will also be awarded for skillful play in each battle with the greater share of the booty going to the winner of the battle.
E-sport competitions can also be played in Battle Mode. Competitions will have an entry fee of $GAIA, which will contribute to the winner's final prize.
Each player will have up to 5 Gaia in their Battle Legion when competing. Battles can be fought 1v1, to 5v5. Allowing players to battle in 1v1 reduces the barrier to entry for beginners. The aim is to KO all the other players’ Gaia in the battle.
Players can own many Gaia and select their battle legion before each game. Both players receive $GG for the skills they show in battle, with the winner taking more of the prize. The actual amount earned in battles can vary depending on the skills used in the battle.
A full battle mode manual explaining all the rules will be released on game release.
Last modified 1yr ago