GAIA EverWorld


Story Overview
Gaia, a strange world full of mysteries, beautiful landscapes, strange creatures, and savage monsters. Miraculously risen from the deepest abyss of the ocean, once discovered by the Empire Gaia it instantly became a place of exile for the Emperor’s political opponents, rebels, and those who favoured him not.
Having to survive in a new and hostile environment, all the exiles have used their resourcefulness to create new colonies and strongholds, turning Gaia into their new homeland. But as the exiles progressed, so did their ambition for more land and power. And thus, war has started among all the exiles.
As the years passed, the exiles became more powerful by harvesting the rich resources of Gaia and by breeding armies of Gaia, mythical war creatures of Gaia Everworld. The Emperor decided to claim Gaia and all its resources by sending his large army to conquer it.
A new era of conquest has begun. Will the Exiles continue to fight amongst themselves or will they unite to defeat their mutual enemy the emperor?
This is an age of war. Let the strongest prevail!
A tyrant, an Emperor