GAIA EverWorld


An Overview of the Gaia.
What are Gaia?
Gaia are the mythical warring creatures of Gaia EverWorld. They are fighting experts with unique specialties related to the regions they originate from. The Gaia are occupants of the mysterious Everworld, most have welcomed the people exiled by Emperor Argrath and some have even looked to their new human counterparts to lead them in battle in their ongoing wars. Great empires of Gaia exist all over the Everworld. In their thousands, Gaia are often battling it out on the borders of their lands.
An Oakker from the depths of Oakendor
GAIA – NFT Character ERC721
Each Gaia NFT is a unique ERC721 token. Gaia have varying utility and rarity within the game. Each Gaia has different abilities and personality and they can be used in battle, traded, bred, and sold. When great numbers of Gaia work together they create the great legions capable of conquering all the regions of the EverWorld. There are many Gaia to collect and train to become the most renowned legionnaires in the Everworld.
What are their Skills?
Whether they are warriors of darkness from the abyss, capable of sucking the life from their opponents, or voltaic beasts of electricity, illuminating the sky and sending devastating thunderbolts into the hearts of their enemies, the Gaia are more than capable of destroying their enemies with an array of combat skills.
The skills each Gaia has depend on their grade, the region they are from, and the training they received. As the Gaia progress through the grades, they gain new skills and abilities to pass on to their young.
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