GAIA EverWorld

Legion Mode

Legion Mode will be a strategy game. Players will build their own empires across the multiple regions of the game and use their Legion of Gaia to defend them. Players earn $GG for successfully defending their empires and for attacking and defeating others, completing challenges and being top of the game’s leader boards. New challenges earn more $GG, whereas completing the same challenges repeatedly earns less each time. The gameplay in Legion Mode will be similar to the classic gaming phenomena Clash of Clans.
Players begin by selecting their character and by purchasing their Gaia. From here, players will explore the EverWorld, collecting resources and encountering wild Gaia, bandits and enemy legions along the way. By collecting resources and defeating enemy Gaia, players gain experience points for the Gaia while earning $GG.
Players can forge alliances with other legionnaires if they wish, but should be careful; nobody can be trusted when power is up for grabs. Players will have their own in-game missions to complete to gain $GAIA or $GG.
Each region produces spiritual and supernatural resources that can be combined to create magic items, jewels, and potions. The Gaia creatures have various skills and weaknesses that correspond to the regions they are from. A description and the history of each region can be found in the Lore section.
Gaia Commanders
The Gaia Commanders are the human exiles which command the Gaia Legions. Like the Gaia, each trainer has special skills and abilities depending on the region they are from. Details of the characters can be found in the Lore section.
What It Does
Train Legionnaires
Higher quality barracks produce higher skilled and more varied fighters
Farms / Fisheries
Produce food for the troops
Troops without food cannot mount attacks
Mine / Forestry
Harvests the resources of the Everworld such as precious metal ores, stone and wood.
Used to build and upgrade facilities. Produce commodities for sale in the marketplace
Town Hall
Central to any settlement.
The grander the town hall the more people and Gaias will be happy to call the empire their home
Each player selects one Gaia commander to command their Gaia legions. The aim is to collect as many Gaia as possible and build the strongest legion. Owning a Gaia NFT from a particular region will give players access to soldiers from that region (see Lore section for more details). Combining troops from the multiple regions of the Everworld will create the mighty legions that will be capable of devastating the enemy empires or defending the homeland. Legions composed of Gaia from all around the EverWorld will become the most powerful legions, with heightened camaraderie and the will to protect their empire!In their empires, players can build various facilities which give different advantages, including healing injured Gaia, converting resources into sell-able items, and increasing Gaia skill levels. Each of the facilities can be upgraded, which increases their advantages. A selection of the available facilities can be seen below:Combines the raw resources to create useful jewels
Jewels can be sold on marketplace or used to aid the legionnaires in battle
Sorcerer's Den
Combines the farm vegetation and mysterious herbs to brew potions
Potions can be sold in the marketplace or used to aid the legionnaires in battles