GAIA EverWorld

Adventure Mode

Adventure mode will be the fantasy MMORPG release. Set in the Everworld, players will be able to roam the disparate regions of Gaia. Divided by the landscape, cities and Empires players will be able to spend their time completing quests, fighting battles, farming, crafting, exploring or simply hangout with friends. Each region will have its own features, creatures, resources and quests to challenge and entertain players.
Players own their NFT avatars who will then represent them in the game. The avatars will be customisable allowing players create an unbounded virtual-self in this mysterious world. The game will have a non-linear story line so players set their own goals and objectives. Players interact with each other through trading, chatting, or by participating in quests and joining guilds with each other. Some of the quests will be competitive or combative in nature, while others will require cooperative or collaborative play.
By owning land, players will be able to build homes and other buildings that other players will then use to craft in-game items, cook food, store their goods and more. Players owning land and buildings will have even more opportunity for monetizing.