GAIA EverWorld

The Game

Play to earn

  • Holders of $GAIA can stake their token to earn more
  • Earn tokenised rewards in each of the game modes
  • Trading Gaia NFTs
  • Craft and farming resources which can then be traded on the in-game marketplace
  • Breeding new Gaia which can then be sold to other players
  • Gaia NFT owners will be able to loan their Gaia to other players and take a percentage of their in-game rewards
  • Renting Land, building mini-games and creating quests


Gaia EverWorld is a fantasy world populated by mythical kingdoms and creatures. The creatures are called Gaia, and they are prepped for war. The first two game modes to be released will be Battle mode, a PvP turn based arena battle game and then a real-time-strategy game called Legion mode. Further down the line, the full MMORPG adventure game will be playable within the Gaia Everworld metaverse. Here, players will be able to build on their land and create monitisation opportunities for themselves which will only be limited by their creativity.

Battle and Legion Mode

In the Battle and Legion modes, the goal of the game is to build the strongest Legion of Gaia. Players can find these creatures in the wild, breed them, or purchase them in the Gaia EverWorld Marketplace. Players increase their skill level by winning battles, defending Empires, and venturing to different regions of the EverWorld to complete missions. The higher a player’s skill level, the more powerful the Gaia they can control. The stronger the Empire they command the more $GAIA and $GG they can earn.

Adventure Mode

Adventure mode will have an non-linear storyline in a massive online fansty world. Players will able to create their own goals and expeirences these could be as varied as crafting, farming, expoloring, hunting, battling and more.
The concept of play-to-earn has seen a surge in recent months, grabbing the attention of gamers all over the world. In Gaia EverWorld, players can earn in a variety of ways.

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