GAIA EverWorld


Like all creatures of this earth, the creatures of Gaia EverWorld have an instinct for survival. This instinct is accompanied by the need to reproduce. Some Gaia can produce more offspring than others, and all are limited by the ticking time of nature’s clock. To avoid hyperinflation, the maximum number of times a super fertile can reproduce is ten, although some will be limited to fewer depending on the growth of the game and other economic factors. Players will also be able to retire their Gaia in exchange for in game resources.
Breeding Mechanism
Breeding, in simple terms is creating a new Gaia based on the genes from the parents. Repeatedly breeding the same Gaia will increase the cost of $GAIA token and Gaia Gold ($GG). The later in the breed count a new Gaia is born the more skilled and higher quality it is likley to be. The higher the level of the parents the more times their offspring Gaia will be able to breed.
The $Gaia cost assoicated with breeding will vary depending on the economic situation in the Everworld ecosytem at the time of breeding. This cost will be algorythmically calculated.
A Gaia Egg
Inherited Skills
Each level a Gaia achieves has a corresponding maximum number of skills they can learn. Some of these skills are passed on to their young during the breeding process. A skill of legendary status is more likely to be passed on than an amateur-status skill. Legendary skills will always come from the dominant Gaia parent, whereas master and amateur skills may come from the passive Gaia parent. This means that newborn mixed-race Gaia can have abilities that are predominantly in Gaia from both of their parents regions.
A full breeding manual will be released at a later date.