GAIA EverWorld

EverWorld - Marketplace

Fighting aside, all legions and great empires rely on trade, and the Gaia EverWorld is no exception, which is why an armistice has been called in the EverWorld Marketplace. The armistice allows players to connect to buy and sell their in-game valuables, including their newly minted Gaia, sorcerers’ potions, jewels, and even the land they rule.
Sellers can set a price for what they are selling or leave it in an auction where buyers try to outbid one another to secure the Gaia and goods they most desire. Buyers browse throughout the marketplace and the auction room until they find what they need. They then connect with the seller and complete the sale.
In the EverWorld Marketplace, people can search through different items and Gaia to buy or sell. Items can be searched for or filtered based on regions, rarity, and item type. Players can also buy items and facilities that are used to level up their empires, including legion halls, nurseries, and hospitals.
Sellers set the prices for items, but because some items are rarer than others, the market will create a fair price for the most and least desirable. Usefulness, popularity, and rarity will always be factors in the buyer’s consideration. Everything in the marketplace is priced in $GAIA.
Last modified 1yr ago